The cold season has started, which means your immune system is weakened through nasty weather outside. These symptoms are all iconic of the classic cold.


😤Muscle aches



😤Sore throat

😤Runny/stuffy nose

😤Mild fever

Generally, you’ll feel a cold in your upper chest and head, especially your sinuses.  You might feel tired and have a lack of energy throughout your entire body.

Usually, you’ll be feeling better after a few days to a week, but sometimes the nastiness can hang on for a couple of weeks. If it’s been longer than that, make sure you see your doctor for a check-up. 

The good news is that you can speed up the recovery process. Try these strategies to get better quicker.


Liquids are one of the number-one defenses against a cold. Enjoy drinks like tea, warm water, juice, water with lemon, and broth. You’ll want to avoid alcohol and caffeine; they’ll just dehydrate you.


Eating a healthy, balanced diet has cold-fighting power. Fruits and vegetables are all packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help you heal.
Try to avoid fried foods and sugary foods which increase inflammation and dehydrate you.


Some studies show that supplements and vitamins can help you heal from a cold quicker. 

💊Vitamin C: 500 mg every 2 hours ( 2 g a day in total)

💊Zinc: 25 to 50 mg per day

💊Vitamin D: 10.000 IU per day with a meal

💊Probiotics which include Lactobacillus strains


IV drips are a quick and effective way to get your vitamins. The immunity IV drips not only help fight cold and flu symptoms, they also enhance your natural immune system while increasing your energy levels.

Schedule your personal IV immunity boost treatment if you want to 

💪Fight germs (common cold, viruses, flu, etc.)

💪Improve hydration 

💪Strengthen your immune system

💪Lessen the span of illnesses





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