The best thing to do is to schedule a free 15 min online consultation  with Dr. Elena Steinheim to discuss your health and ask any questions you have about our services.

Please make sure that you are in a quiet and comfortable area, have your questions written down.

If you are tired of a 50 minute wait for the doctor followed by a 5 minute consult and a quick drug prescription fix, FM may be right for you.  If you want a relationship focused on nutritional and lifestyle guidance, FM may be right for you.  If you want medications, surgery, or quick fixes that require no effort or dedication on your part, FM is not a good fit for you.

You can use any laboratory for standard labs. Some labs do home visits without additional costs.  We also use a variety of companies for specialty labs that ship kits directly to you. You will receive personal advisory during the session.

The majority of the tests are covered by insurance and can be filed with your insurance company at the time of collection. Consultation’s fee can be covered as well.  Testing options and cost will be discussed with you prior to these services.

Visits may be cancelled or rescheduled anytime up to 24 hours prior to your appointment. Cancellation and rescheduling requests occurring less than 24 priors prior to your scheduled visit will result in a charge of half the cost of the scheduled visit.

Supplement costs vary greatly based on your individual health needs. If you need supplements the initial cost is typically in the range of $50-100.

Still have questions?

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