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Most breads that we get in the supermarkets and even in  bakeries are loaded with ingredients that are not that healthy. They may contain processed flour, yeast,  additives and preservatives to extend their shelf-life by decreasing your life span :-((

This bread uses all natural ingredients like nuts and seeds, full of protein, fiber and healthy fat. Absolutely delicious and so simple to make. No mess in the kitchen guaranteed. All you need is a bowl and kitchen scales.

Big oats (size 1 or 2) 145 g

Sunflower seeds 135

Walnuts or almonds or hazelnuts or pumpkin seeds 65 g (or just combine your favorite)

Ground flax seeds 90g

2 Tbsp. Chia seeds

2 Tbsp. Psyllium husk powder 

1 tsp. Fine grain sea salt (add 1⁄2 tsp. if using coarse salt)

— 1 Tbsp. Maple syrup (for sugar-free diets, use a pinch of stevia)

— 3 Tbsp. Melted coconut oil or ghee (optional)

— 1 1⁄2 cups / 350ml water

Mix all dried ingredients together, pour water and quickly mix well again. Put the mixture into a silicone loaf pan. Let it soak for 8 hours or even better overnight. Bake it first for 20 minutes at 200 C, then remove the silicon pan and flip the bread upside down and put it back on the rack for next 25-30 mins till  it gets crispy around the edges. When your bread is ready it makes a dull sound if you hit it.

You may know all of these ingredients, but what’s the heck is the PSYLLIUM HUSKS? 

First, they act as a flour and bind all ingredients together.

Second, psyllium has a bunch of health benefits. It has both soluble and insoluble fiber which helps to normalize bowel function and prevent constipation. It also helps to reduce increased cholesterol levels by binding bile salts.


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