I am happy you are here and appreciate your interest in functional medicine and ayurveda.

We live in a time when paradigms are shifting. The usual ways of thinking in business, agriculture, education and many other fields are rapidly changing.  Things that seemed normal yesterday become unacceptable today.

A similar paradigm shift is happening in the field of medicine, too. Taking responsibility for your health instead of looking for a “magic” pill which will solve all the problems becomes key for many. We realize that we need to be active and take care of ourselves because even the best healthcare system in the world cannot do it for us.

And here functional medicine and Ayurveda are coming in.

Some of you are here because you are healthy and want to stay vital till you are 100+. Or maybe you have a chronic illness and are looking forward to becoming healthy again?

In both cases, you are at the right address. You will find the right information and inspiration here.

Functional medicine and ayurveda are both focused on prevention. They can show you how to stay physically and mentally balanced according to your unique personal status and genetics.

One of the best ways to stay young and vital is to be physically active on a daily basis, preferably from childhood and not only in your early 50s because you want to lose weight, improve your cardiovascular condition and get rid of back pain. It is never too late but the earlier the better.

In a nutshell, conventional medicine aims to detect diseases at an early stage , not to prevent it. You can learn how functional medicine here. FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE vs CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE

Unfortunately, conventional medicine is often failing to help people with chronic conditions: autoimmune disease, IBS, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue and many more.

These diseases are called “chronic” because you are “supposed” to have them your entire life, covering the symptoms with prescription drugs and never get healed. They are also called “idiopathic” (“cause unknown”) because conventional medicine does not know where they come from and doesn’t even try to identify a root cause.

However, there is hope and healing for everyone.  Applying the principles of functional medicine and ayurveda, we CAN find out the cause of your symptoms and begin a true healing.



Feedback from Menopause programme supported with IV Influsions

I have suffered from allergies for years, but they worsened after I moved to Tbilisi. Before I met with Dr. Steinheim, I had been working with a local allergy clinic in collaboration with a partner clinic in Germany. They determined that I suffered from allergies to dust, grass, and mites. They specifically excluded food allergies and began a long-term treatment of periodic shots and daily doses of three medications. The results were marginal and sporadic, so I reached out to Dr. Steinheim for her opinion. She was immediately attentive and I felt like she was truly interested in listening to me. Her first comment after our initial discussion was that she believed my problem was food-based. She was absolutely correct. She ran a new test that identified a number of foods that I need to avoid. Once I revised my diet and started on a regime of nutritional supplements to rebuild my immune system, my symptoms of redness, itching, and irritation diminished. Today I am medication-free, and now that my immune system has recovered, I can relax my diet restrictions from time to time. I respect Dr. Steinheim because she was caring and flexible to my needs. Additionally, she did not draw any conclusions before fully investigating my case, and rather than offer the standard prescription of pills and injections, she tailored a treatment to my personal needs. She is a wonderful physician and healer!

John Etcheverry, USA
Medical science and medical practice are changing fast due to the needs of our time. The question we all need to ask - what qualities modern doctors need to possess?
Being a traveler, I have seen many doctors before and can admit, that Dr. Steinheim's approach to dealing with a patient is quite different to the majority of them.  She brings into her practice a rare combination of solid classical medical knowledge spiced with ancient science of Ayurveda, Hatha yoga and nutrition. She is always relaxed, enthusiastic and curious. And what makes communication with her most remarkable, is that she invites her patients to think together, never taking charge of decision making. Dr. Steinheim fully enjoys life together with her healthy family and that is inspiring and motivating.
Gala Sanderson, Georgia

Als ich mich dazu entschlossen habe, mich mehr vegan zu ernaehren, habe ich mich an Dr. Elena gewandt, um nach leichten Startschwierigkeiten, mit mehr Bewusstsein in diese Veraenderung zu gehen. Sie hat mir direkt viele Positive Anreize gesetzt und mich mit Ihrem umfassenden Wissen unterstuetzt.

Dr. Elena hat ein offenes Ohr fuer Schwierigkeiten wenn es um gesunde Ernaehrung und angestrebtem Gewichtsverlust geht.

Sie ist sehr aufmerksam und stand mir mit guten Tipps und Ideen individuell fuer meine Situation zur Verfuegung.

When I decided to eat vegan, I turned to Dr. Elena in order to conquer my initial difficulties into this changing process with more knowledge and consciousness. She directly provided me with some positive incentives and supported me with her extensive knowledge.

Dr. Elena has an open ear for difficulties when it comes to healthy nutrition and aspired weight loss goals.


Carmen S., Germany

I have never felt better in my life. I reached out to Elena for help as I was constantly experiencing fatigue, difficulty concentrating on simple tasks, and digestive issues. Elena provided me with complete support for three months and helped me address each of my problems. She is an excellent physician with a deep understanding of medicine and a highly empathetic approach towards her patients. Unlike most doctors who prescribe medication, Elena takes the time to ask questions and analyze each patient's condition to identify the underlying cause of their illness. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with her and resolve my health issues. If you're struggling with your health and need answers, I highly recommend consulting Elena.

Jimena, Mexico

A few years back, I heard about Functional Medicine for the first time at a presentation by Dr. Elena Steinheim. I had heard about Ayurveda, and it made a lot of sense how those two branches of medicine work together. I had been struggling to lose a few pounds, and although I had lost about 13lbs, I still felt with lack of energy, couldn't sleep well, had a bad eczema in my hands and battled with other allergies. I went to see Dr. Steinheim and she recommended a full detox program. She gave a very complete questionnaire and sat with me for more than an hour on my first visit. After a few days, I got a personalized program, tailored specially for me. Based on 100% natural herbs, healthy foods, proper hydration, etc., I was able to experience a lot of improvement. After only a few days, my eczema was gone, and I was sleeping great and waking up full of energy in the mornings. She gave me the tools to work on my health, explained a lot of things about proper nutrition, and definitely helped me achieve my goals.

Carolina Arellano, USA